An Agile Lens Production


Ari Tarr as Dickens, Scrooge, Others

Debbie Deer as the Ghosts

Based on the novella "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

Adapted and Directed for VR by: 

David Gochfeld

Based on the adaptation by:
Robert Barry Fleming

Stage Manager:

Stef Buckner

Associate Stage Manager:

Josi Morgan

Lead Developer:

Yu-Jun Yeh

Developer Team:

Yu-Jun Yeh

Dante Cameron

Josi Morgan

Marshall Nowak

Alex Coulombe

XR Performance Consultant:
Ari Tarr

Michael Burgess 

Environmental Design:

Delta Ark

Dante Cameron

Josi Morgan
Sarah Reed

Sound Design:
Josi Morgan

Software Engineer:
Eytan Manor


Alex Coulombe

Kevin Laibson




Jackie Roman

Camera Operator and Streamer:

Carlos Austin

Camera Operator:

John Harvey


Special thanks to Alex from
for UE Plugin upgrade assistance

FGI X Miami 2023 premiere with support from Z by HP  

Meta Quest Pros and Puget Workstation support from Impossible Ventures


Additional Credits

First produced in 2021 in association with

Actors Theatre of Louisville

Written and Directed by:

Robert Barry Fleming

XR Producer:

Zachary Meicher-Buzzi

Digital Performance Specialist:
Rob Lester

Technical Artists:
Alden Pedula
Adam Vosburgh

Motion Capture Artists:

Kavin Moore and Brittany “BeeBee” Patillo

Scenic Design:
Katelin Ashcraft 

Costume Designer:
Anna Jenny 

Sound Design:
Paul Doyle